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Looking for a way to protect your property that is still aesthetically pleasing? If you own a property in Guildford, Woking, Godalming or surrounding areas, then our expert and friendly team can install the ideal panel fencing that meets your needs, requirement and budget.

Experienced Fencing Contractors Based in Guildford

Built To Last

We build and install fences that are designed to stand the test of time. Low cost and low-quality fencing can quickly become a false economy for property owners in Guildford, Woking, Godalming & surrounding areas. Our team is proud to only use fencing that is genuinely built to last.

Private & Secure

Get the privacy and security you need with solidly built panel fencing. The impressive height and panel designs of our fencing offer complete seclusion as well as a massive protector around your garden or property. Keep potential intruders out and enjoy your garden or property to its fullest with complete privacy.

Appealing Property Feature

Protect the beauty of your property with an equally beautiful surrounding fence. Cheap fencing is usually dip-treated and, while the treatment preserves timber for a short time, it won’t be long before the rain starts to decay the covering and, ultimately, the wood underneath. This type of garden fencing will need to be treated and maintained more regularly if it’s going to last as a permanent feature at your Godalming property.

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New Garden Fence In Guildford

Reliable Guildford Fencing Company

This is a question that our fencing contractors are often asked by property owners in the Guildford area. At T&S Tree Surgeons, we like to think that the fencing we use can cover a multitude of purposes. As one of the most popular styles of garden fencing, panels can provide numerous benefits for clients in the Surrey area. While we are based in Guildford, we cover all nearby locations including Esher, Godalming and, of course, Woking.


Use panels for garden fencing if you have concerns over security at your Surrey home. The height of panel fencing won’t make it impossible to scale for the more determined intruder but it will act as a deterrent for opportunists. The time it can take to climb over fencing panels, and the noise it can create, won’t sit easily with some potential intruders. It’s also very easy for the public to spot somebody climbing over panels.


When you want your garden to be a haven of peace and tranquillity, small picket fencing isn’t going to keep you hidden from view with the neighbours or passers-by. Panel fencing privacy is one of the most common reasons for our Guildford fencing customers to choose it for their homes. The only thing our fencing contractors ask you to consider is that you don’t obstruct sunlight and spoil the use of your garden with larger panels.


While picket and post-and-rail fencing is obviously attractive, panel fencing doesn’t necessarily need to be an eyesore. Based on your garden theme and current colour choices, we can supply and erect garden fencing in a variety of stains. This ensures the fencing you choose will integrate perfectly with the surroundings of your property. Our fencing contractors can help you in choosing a suitable stain.


If you have children who play in your garden, or if you own pets that are curious to know what lies outside the confines of your home, panel fencing serves as an effective containment measure to keep them safe. The pressure-treated garden fencing used for such requirements is safe around children and pets. This gives our Guildford fencing customers welcome reassurance and peace of mind whenever they use our services.

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T & S Fencing Specialists

Based in Guildford, T&S Tree Surgeons cover all surrounding parts of Surrey including Woking, Godalming and Esher. Panel fencing, in addition to offering our customers privacy, also helps to make properties more secure. Our fencing contractors consider the aspect of security on every installation and can make a suitable recommendation for fencing in Guildford based on your needs and concerns.

Every property will have a weak or vulnerable spot that intruders can exploit. Statistically, more than 60% of break-ins occur to the rear of properties. Fencing in a back garden at your Guildford home can reduce the risk of unwelcome intrusion. Something tall and sturdy, like our close board or lap panel fencing, will usually be best for the job.

Tall garden fencing will restrict access and create a barrier between your home and a possible intruder. If an intruder can’t see what lies beyond your panel fencing, there’s less of a likelihood that your property will come under attack. It’s also easy to be seen scaling tall fencing because neighbours and passers-by will notice such activity as unnatural.

The Right Choice of Fencing

Our fencing contractors firmly believe that it’s better to have some type of fence than no fence at all but there are a number of influencing factors to consider when it comes to choosing the most suitable garden fencing in Guildford for your home. Below, we look at two key elements our team will consider prior to installation at your property.


The stronger and sturdier your choice of fencing is, the better it will stand up to the actions of a possible intruder. It will also provide you with a more hardwearing installation that protects against the weather. Larch lap panel fencing is ideal for customers in Surrey who insist on durability because it has a series of supporting batons on each side.


To keep prying eyes out of your garden, our fencing contractors recommend the tallest height of 2m. This is the tallest garden fencing we can erect without the need for planning permission (1m alongside a footpath or highway). Higher panel fencing ensures passer-by will never be able to see the contents of your home or your garden in Guildford.

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Why T & S Tree Surgeons

We offer our fencing services in Guildford and surrounding areas. This includes but not excluded to Woking, Farnham, Camberley, Godalming, Farnborough, Aldershot, Esher & all areas within Surrey. Other areas may be considered (Please call).

We’re a dedicated, family run business here to help our local community. Therefore what ever your problem call us today, we’re sure we can help.

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We carry full employer and public liability insurance .

We pride ourselves on being clean and tidy in everything we do. You can rest assure your garden will be left looking beautiful with minimal disturbance to surroundings areas.

Yes, you heard right. We recycle 100% of our reusable wood. All timber that is removed we recycle and use for log burners and our woodchip is used for mainly mulch and on rare occasions for fuel.

Our prices are competitive, We encourage our customers to seek other quotations and advice because we are confident that they will not find a better offer.

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