Tree Surgery and Hedge Cutting Services in Guildford

Whether you need our tree surgeons for removals, planting, hedge cutting or stump grinding, we promise to be there with a full service range that extends beyond our home in Guildford to all surrounding locations in Surrey. Esher, Godalming and Woking are just three of the many towns that T&S Tree Surgeons cover.
We provide tailored tree surgery services built around the needs of our residential and business clients. Our company has a skilled and qualified team that delivers workmanship in full compliancy with BS:3998 regulations. The systems and equipment we use are modern, efficient and designed to keep our tree surgeons and the public safe.

Hedge Cutting


T&S Tree Surgeons can plant anything from whips to heavy standards. After planting, we provide aftercare and advice to ensure new trees get the healthiest start.

Hedge Cutting Guildford


From directional felling to sectional tree dismantling, we can remove damaged or diseased trees in a safe manner that eliminates danger to people and property.

Hedge Cutting


Clients in Guildford and Surrey can have tree remnants removed with our stump grinding services. Perfect for eliminating tripping hazards and insects, stump grinding requires specialist machinery that can reduce remnants in openings of 27 inches and over.

Hedge Cutting Guildford


Used as a formative pruning measure to improve light flow without affecting the tree outline, crown thinning is undertaken in percentage quantities based on the species and the reasons for having work done.

Hedge Cutting Guildford


This formative pruning technique sees limbs reduced to make the tree profile smaller and to reduce wind resistance. We only undertake crown thinning work when it is absolutely necessary as large-scale limb removal can affect mature tree health.

Hedge Cutting


These practices can be carried out to the individual needs of all trees on your Guildford or Surrey property. We will advise you on the best treatment.

Hedge Cutting Guildford


This is a service that we usually provide without charge. Because approvals can take up to 8 weeks to obtain, we submit applications at the earliest stage.

Hedge Cutting Guildford


Property owners in Guildford and the surrounding Surrey area can have their maintenance needs met with our professional hedge cutting and trimming services. Our tree surgeons have the skills and the equipment to keep hedges around your property in excellent health. We provide a prompt, responsive and reliable service.

An overgrown edge isn’t just an eyesore. Left untrimmed, it can pose a safety risk to the public or to contractors working at your Guildford property. Hedge cutting eliminates the problem and will also leave your home or business with an attractive decorative feature that enhances privacy and security.