Professional Qualified Tree Surgeons in Esher

In much the same way as you’d never let anybody else but a reputable tradesmen perform maintenance work at your Esher property, you should let anybody else but reputable tree surgeons perform arboriculture services. Our tree surgery has covered the Esher and Surrey areas since 1985. We are a highly regarded and trusted company.

We strongly recommend that all property owners check the credentials of tree surgeons before agreeing to hire them. Even services such as hedge cutting and stump grinding require specialist skills or equipment that some traders in Esher won’t have.

Preservation Orders

Some types of tree surgery may require written permission, particularly if a Tree Preservation Order is in place on the tree or if your Esher land is part of a conservation area. Reputable tree surgeons will check to see if special permissions are needed. T&S Tree Surgeons will usually provide this service without charge.


The very nature of tree surgery raises concerns over safety and protection of property. If you are choosing from several tree surgeons in the Esher area, check to see that they have public liability and employers insurance. We are insured to the total value of £5m.


In order to use chainsaws and stump grinding equipment safely, arborists must be qualified. Certain tree surgery practices also require certification. The four core qualifications for tree surgeons are as follows:

  • CS30 (Chainsaw Use)
  • CS31 (Small Tree Felling)
  • CS38 (Climbing and Aerial Rescue)
  • CS39 (Using Chainsaws with Ropes and Harnesses)

Reputable tree surgeons in Esher will also perform work to defining BS:3998 standards. All staff at our company undergo training at Merrist Wood College.


Some jobs, such as hedge cutting and stump grinding, require specialist tools and equipment. A modern tree surgery will use innovative stump grinding machinery to reduce tree remnants to sub-floor level. Only a reputable company that invests into equipment regularly will carry this type of machinery.

Environmental Responsibility

T&S Tree Surgeons have a responsibility to preserve the environment in and around Esher. We pay the same levels of attention to wildlife. That’s why we never undertake hedge cutting work during nesting season and always aim to recycle as much timber as possible. These are small things you’ll only find with a reputable tree surgery company.

If you require more information on tree felling in Esher or tree stump removal in Esher, please get in touch with one of our experts today.