Enhancing Properties in Guildford with our Tree Surgery Work

Established in 1985, T&S Tree Surgeons are based in Guildford. While we cover many locations throughout Surrey, many of our tree surgery projects take place in our home town. We already have a large client base in Guildford that uses our company for tree maintenance, hedge cutting and stump grinding work.

All tree surgeons employed by us have trained at Merrist Wood College and work in compliance with BS:3998 and NPTC standards. While safety is the most important aspect of tree surgery, we also provide benefits that bring out the best in your Guildford property.

Tree Surgery Services

If dangerous or damaged limbs are posing a risk to a property, we can provide pruning and pollarding services that bring the tree down to a more manageable shape and size. If a tree needs to come down completely, we ca use directional felling or sectional dismantling techniques to ensure a safe and controlled removal.

Crown thinning and crown reductions see foliage or limbs reduced to lower wind resistance, increase light flow and improve overall tree health. Our tree surgery work also takes us into the world of planting. T&S Tree Surgeons of Guildford can plant whips or heavy standards individually or over a wide area of woodland.

Stump Grinding Services

If a tree has been removed from your property, our stump grinding services will reduce the remnants to below-ground level. We can grind within any opening larger than 27 inches in size. Stumps can present a tripping hazard and become a home for insects that could infest otherwise healthy trees on your Guildford property.

Using modern stump grinding machinery, we bring down remnants to leave land ready for future landscaping work. Anything left below the surface of the ground will decompose naturally to become mulch. Most importantly, your land will be safe for children or the public to use without the risk of tripping.

Hedge Cutting Services

Some tree surgeons in the Guildford area work strictly on trees but we have the skills and experience to take on all types of plant care work. This includes hedge cutting, a particularly useful service for properties where a hedge has overgrown to the point where it has become a hazard to the public.

We use modern hedge cutting machinery to control shape and promote a more natural spread of foliage for the future. If required, we can remove overgrown or unwanted hedges completely. T&S Tree Surgeons also plant new hedges. All hedge work is undertaken at intervals specific to the species and outside of nesting season.