Why Choose T & S Tree Surgeons?

T & S is a family run Tree surgery business with over 33 years experience. We cover tree felling, specialist lowering and complete garden makeovers. We are friendly, polite and hard working. T & S also works closely with Railway Contracts and Forestry Felling and boasts a large armoury of equipment for site clearances. We have full NPTC Qualifications.

Our Services Include:

Tree Pruning

Which consists mainly of Thinning and reduction, both methods are utilised to allow more light through and around the crown of a tree. Reductions are often used to reduce weight of specific and individual branches to alleviate the risk of failure due to an overloading of weight or severe inclement weather. Reductions are also carried out on Vigorous or potentially large trees which are growing in an inappropriate situations, such as close to a building, over a play area or Highway. Wherever a significant target is identified often results in a tree being reduced. Thinning is the term applied to removing a specified amount of branchwork/foliage from the trees crown leaving an even but thinner density throughout and allowing a dappled light to pass through the tree. This task is more sympathetic to the tree resulting in a smaller proportion of the crown being removed. It also leaves a more natural appearance to the tree.

Stump Grinding

Grinding out of stumps entails a machine fitted with carbide tipped teeth cutting the rootball of the removed tree or shrub up to 45cm below ground level. Where large stumps are “ground” out it will normally be to a depth where the rootball is gone and the ends of the larger roots are visible within the excavation. We will back fill the hole with a mixture of the woody material and soil as produced by the grinding out. Unless specified by the client to back fill with soil or some other medium. Grinding out can reduce the risk of colonisation by stump decay fungi and prevent regrowth with most species. We have machines which will pass through a 27” gap.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is the process of removing lower hanging branches to create a more uniformed height. This also allows for better pedestrian and traffic access.

tree surgeon in guildford
tree surgeon in guildford

Deadwooding/Cleaning out

The removal of dead and dangerous branches in a controlled manner. This pre-emptive removal of deadwood reduces the likelihood of natural deadwood shedding causing any significant damage to property or people.


This task can be a careful dismantling of large or small crowned trees in confined spaces with the aid of lowering equipment, cranes or Cherry pickers. To the straight felling of large or small garden or woodland trees into adequate space, plus every possible combination between.

Hedge Cutting

We cut hedges from small back garden ornamental hedges to massive, long and high commercial property hedges and everything in between. Where necessary we utilise our own 4×4 13 metre cherry picker to give safe access to difficult hedges.


An Ancient technique utilised to control overly large or vigorous trees. Especially when in the vicinity of significant targets areas. It is also regularly used to manage inappropriately planted trees within gardens. It is normaly carried out where Pruning works such as Thinning and crown reduction would not achieve the desired result. It is often carried out as a last resort and alternative to felling.

Crown Thinning

This is effective for a number of reasons… It reduces a trees weight to make it safer, helps to produce more flower/fruit and increases light and air through the crown.

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