Why Should I use Panel Fencing in my Woking Garden?

This is a question that our fencing contractors are often asked by property owners in the Woking area. At T&S Tree Surgeons, we like to think that the fencing we use can cover a multitude of purposes. As one of the most popular styles of garden fencing, panels can provide numerous benefits for clients in the Surrey area. While we are based in Guildford, we cover all nearby locations including Esher, Godalming and, of course, Woking.


Use panels for garden fencing if you have concerns over security at your Woking home. The height of panel fencing won’t make it impossible to scale for the more determined intruder but it will act as a deterrent for opportunists. The time it can take to climb over fencing panels, and the noise it can create, won’t sit easily with some potential intruders. It’s also very easy for the public to spot somebody climbing over panels.


When you want your garden to be a haven of peace and tranquillity, small picket fencing isn’t going to keep you hidden from view with the neighbours or passers-by. Panel fencing will and privacy is one of the most common reasons for our Woking customers to choose it for their homes. The only thing our fencing contractors ask you to consider is that you don’t obstruct sunlight and spoil the use of your garden with larger panels.


While picket and post-and-rail fencing is obviously attractive, panel fencing doesn’t necessarily need to be an eyesore. Based on your garden theme and current colour choices, we can supply and erect garden fencing in a variety of stains. This ensures the fencing you choose will integrate perfectly with the surroundings of your Woking property. Our fencing contractors can help you in choosing a suitable stain.


If you have children who play in your garden, or if you own pets that are curious to know what lies outside the confines of your Woking home, panel fencing serves as an effective containment measure to keep them safe. The pressure-treated garden fencing used for such requirements is safe around children and pets. This gives our Woking customers welcome reassurance and peace of mind whenever they use our services.

To find out more about panel fencing and our services in the Woking area, call T&S Tree Surgeons now on any of the numbers provided.